Can I order my inks at Mesh?

Q&ACategorie: OrderingCan I order my inks at Mesh?
Post MeshPrintClub Medewerkers gevraagd 9 maanden geleden

Can I order my inks at Mesh?

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Post MeshPrintClub Medewerkers beantwoord 9 maanden geleden

Just e-mail to post@ the following details:

  1. let us know if it is for textile or paper
  2. let us know the color (the color chart is hanging between the inks in the ‘kitchen”
  3. mention the quantity (it goes per 0,5 liter) so mention 0,5ltr, 1ltr or more
  4. mention if you want the extra opaque inks

We will then order it for you at our next order with the supplier.