How do I order a frame for personal use?

Q&AHow do I order a frame for personal use?
Post MeshPrintClub Medewerkers gevraagd 9 maanden geleden

How can I order my own frame for personal use?

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If you are interested in your own frame, let me know in this forum what exactly you want to order:

  1. yellow (tougher and more flexibility in exposure time) or white mesh
  2. the thickness of the mesh (43, 100, 120 – or any other thickness)
  3. mention the frame size you want in centimeters (height and width)
  4. payment will be in cash! there are to many actions needed by passing on the invoices because of manual actions needed by other persons and so on.

I will contact you about the prize and differences in size that are available.

Have fun printing!